• Summary of patent work of Zhejiang Jiawang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

    Our company actively responds to the national and provincial science and technology economic development strategy, and actively implements the national and provincial industrial and technological policies,The company has set up a patent R & D department, which is responsible for the development,... More

    2020-07-09 Company News
  • Good news! Congratulations on our company's obtaining the national "high tech enterprise certificate"

    Zhejiang Jiawang Photoelectric Technology Co. ,  has been successfully recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by virtue of its professional R & D team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation ability and scientific enterprise management. On December 4, 2019, it received the "high... More

    2019-12-05 Company News
  • Accumulate genuine chip certification vendors

    Recently, some fake MBI drives have been found on the market, and they have even put them on the display screen for transportation to overseas customers. Here, we have contracted with our suppliers, and you can firmly ensure that your LED driver is stable in the display, low defect rate, good perfor... More

    2016-08-04 Industry News
  • The blue light of the LED light will damage the eyes?

    The tissue used to receive light in the human eye is called the retina. If the brightness of the 400–500 nm blue light band in the light source is too high, the eye may cause photochemical damage to the retina after long-term direct view of the light source. The damage is mainly divided into two cat... More

    2019-06-29 News
  • How does a blue LED emit white light?

    Blue light photons have high energy and can excite fluorescence. Generally, the blue light of the blue LED is used to generate yellow light on the phosphor. After the yellow light is excited by the blue light, they are emitted together from the LED. We feel that it is white light. In fact, this is o... More

    2019-07-05 News