Application and market of LED flat light


Residential lighting is the world’s largest application […]

Residential lighting is the world’s largest application market for lighting. The LED panel lighting system uses bulbs to quickly enter the residential lighting market and replace traditional bulbs. However, due to consumers’ high price sensitivity, LED panel lighting penetrated the residential lighting market in 2012 The rate is about 13% and needs to be improved.
Office lighting is demanding energy saving. LED panel lighting is to replace traditional fluorescent tubes and enter the office lighting market. However, LED tubes must also face the price competition of T5 fluorescent tubes, so the penetration rate in 2012 Only about 11%, there is also a lot of room for growth.
The temptation of such a large interest has caused more companies to turn their production goals to home lighting. With the improvement of people's spending power, many people are willing to choose LED lighting, and the main buyers of houses are the younger generations in the 80s and 90s. Their recognition of LEDs is still quite high. In the future, the home lighting market should be contested by companies Focus.
As a result, the price of LED panel lighting continues to fall and the number scale is rapidly expanding. Lin Zhixun, head of the Energy Research Group of the Industrial Economics and Trends Research Center of the Industrial Research Institute, pointed out that the global LED panel lighting market in 2013 should maintain a 30% growth rate. In the future, the global LED panel lighting output value in 2020 will look at 65.8 billion US dollars. From this point of view, the application of LED panel lights is becoming more and more widespread, and the growth rate is much higher than other categories. More and more LED companies hope to get a share of the market segment of LED panel lights.
What's more important is that the LED panel light is the most widely used indoor lighting in the home, because it has soft light and creates a comfortable and warm environment that is very popular with consumers. , And the LED panel lamp has strong design, simple and elegant lamp body, which can play a role in embellishing interior decoration. The three primary colors of LED panel lights can also achieve continuous conversion of brightness, grayscale and color, so as to meet the different requirements of consumers for light in different atmospheres.
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