New upgrade, Jiawang POS Stadium screen helps European football game


Those who like football will pay attention to the top f […]

Those who like football will pay attention to the top five football leagues in Europe, namely the top five leagues in the European football league with influence and competitive level. These leagues represent the world's top football level and attract many players to join. The vane of the development of world football. As a sport, football has attracted many fans and is one of the most popular sports in the world.



The large audience and greater influence around the world have significantly increased the commercial value of football matches. Major brands have squandered huge names or sponsored football matches, which shows that the football game has a huge impact on the brand. As one of the advertising broadcast carriers of the football match scene, the stadium screen came into being.



The stadium screen is essentially an LED display, but due to the particularity of the application scenario, the product technology and quality requirements are high. For example, most football games are in the open air, and the products need to have better waterproof and dustproof performance; the huge impact force of the football requires the screen to have excellent impact resistance, and at the same time requires the product quality to be stable and reliable.



For the European football market demand, Youview Photoelectric has successfully developed the POS series stadium screen. The products have passed the European FIFA and UEFA stadium screen certification, and have won the favor and praise of customers. The products have appeared in the German Bundesliga many times.



Recently, the excellent landscape has launched a new upgraded version of the stadium screen POS. Compared with the old stadium screen, it has the following advantages:

1. High brightness, perfect picture quality 

The POS stadium screen adopts a high-bright high-brush design, and the screen under direct sunlight is still clear and eye-catching, which can significantly enhance the customer's brand display effect.

2. Impact resistant design 

The POS box is made of aluminum alloy. The mask material is made by special technology. The top has anti-collision EVA cotton, and the box has excellent impact resistance.


3..Power and signal dual backup

POS uses dual power supply and signal backup design. Even if a group of circuits or signals fails, the backup power supply and signal can ensure the normal operation of the screen and can meet various challenges.

4.IP65 waterproof design

The POS uses IP65 waterproof design before and after, even if it is played in the rain, it can guarantee the normal live broadcast of the event.

5.Emergency door design
The POS is equipped with a cabinet with an emergency door design, which can be quickly dismantled in an emergency and accelerates evacuation.

6.Trunking design

The power cord is connected through the cable trough, and the appearance of the cabinet is more beautiful.

7.Rapid maintenance

The post-maintenance design of the POS, the quick release of the module, the quick release of the support foot, and the quick release of the power supply box can significantly improve the maintenance speed and efficiency.

8.Transport vehicle design

Customized transport vehicles are more cost effective than air transport, and the transport and loading and unloading of containers is more convenient.