Summary of patent work of Zhejiang Jiawang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd


Our company actively responds to the national and provi […]

Our company actively responds to the national and provincial science and technology economic development strategy, and actively implements the national and provincial industrial and technological policies,The company has set up a patent R & D department, which is responsible for the development, application, protection and management of patent products, and has set up patent R & D funds to actively encourage employees to develop new products.

After more than ten years of technological accumulation,Our company has made some achievements in the development of patent technology. More than 40 patents have been accepted and authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China。

Technology is an important support for the survival and development of enterprises. Our company will, as always, attach importance to technical work, especially patent technology development,Therefore, we have determined the direction of future work:To strengthen the technical team of enterprises, constantly cultivate professional and technical personnel, and develop more patented products, so as to make the products ahead of the peers, conform to the market, lead the trend, create higher economic benefits, and create more wealth for the society at the same time.