How to install the panel light


For how to install the panel light, there are own metho […]

For how to install the panel light, there are own methods. Here is how to install it:
An inline installation
1. Make sure the panel light is working properly before installation. Then put the flat light into the dragon
The diagonal position of the skeleton.
2. Set the driver power supply aside and place the flat panel light in the ceiling.
3. Rotate the panel light horizontally by 45° so that the bottom side of the panel light coincides with the ceiling side.
4. Rotate the panel light 90° vertically to match the panel light with the keel frame and make it flat.
The bulb is facing down.
5. Adjust the panel light until it is close to the ceiling until it is as smooth as the ceiling.
Second, the hanging installation
1. Fix the fixing parts on the four corners of the panel light
(1). Before installing the fixed parts, place a cushion on the floor to avoid scratching or damaging the flat lamp. ≪ 2. Tighten the screws, but apply force to avoid damage to the panel light.
(2). Fix the fixing parts to the 4 corners of the ceiling
Three, ceiling installation
First install the ceiling fitting to the panel light, then tap the hole on the ceiling side of the ceiling fitting.
Four, suction-cup square panel lights
1. First open the ceiling according to the corresponding bulb size. (If the opening size is unknown, please ask the manufacturer)
2. Connect the wires and clamps correctly according to the instructions. Press the spring clips on both sides of the lamp until it is vertical, and then slowly install the lamp into the open ceiling.
3. Confirm the opening size and wiring connection again. After confirming the correctness, loosen the spring clips on both sides. Please make sure the lamp is installed stably.