• Three installation methods of LED panel light

    LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of anodized aluminum alloy. The light source is LED. The whole lamp is beautiful and simple in design, luxurious in atmosphere, and has good lighting effect and can bring people The feeling of beauty. Its illumination uni... More

    2020-06-03 News
  • LED Flat Lamp Market

    In the transitional development of the industry, the homogeneity of products has evolved into an indisputable fact. The market demand for LED panel lights continues to increase. However, many manufacturers have not made a lot of money, and the shadow of increasing revenue without increasing profits ... More

    2020-06-09 News
  • Synchronization of outdoor and indoor lighting technology development

    On the one hand, the development of new technologies for outdoor lighting is guided by the actual needs of people for outdoor lighting products; on the other hand, it is closely followed by the development of lighting technology and constantly innovated. So far, the development of new technologies f... More

    2020-06-16 News
  • How to install the panel light

    For how to install the panel light, there are own methods. Here is how to install it: An inline installation 1. Make sure the panel light is working properly before installation. Then put the flat light into the dragon The diagonal position of the skeleton. 2. Set the driver power supply aside and p... More

    2020-06-23 News
  • LED lamp design problem solving

    A problem in semiconductor lighting applications a heat dissipation b Lack of standards, bad products c There are price and design quality problems, and the final consumer chooses led lighting, lacking confidence d Semiconductor lighting is very different from traditional lighting in electrical desi... More

    2020-07-01 News