• Analysis of main key technologies of LED panel lights

    With the development of the LED lighting industry, the LED panel light derived from the LED backlight has uniform light, no glare, and exquisite structure. It is loved by many people and is a new trend in modern and stylish indoor lighting. Main components of LED panel light  1. Aluminum frame for p... More

    2020-07-07 News
  • LED drive power

    As the core component of LED lights, LED power supply is like the heart of LED. The quality of LED drive power directly determines the quality of LED lamps.    First of all, in the structural design, the outdoor LED drive power supply must have a strict waterproof function, otherwise, it cannot with... More

    2020-07-14 News
  • Application and market of LED flat light

    Residential lighting is the world’s largest application market for lighting. The LED panel lighting system uses bulbs to quickly enter the residential lighting market and replace traditional bulbs. However, due to consumers’ high price sensitivity, LED panel lighting penetrated the residential light... More

    2020-07-21 News
  • The development of led lamps

    With the accelerated development of the LED industry, in recent years, traditional lighting companies have begun to shift their development focus to LED, and emerging LED companies are also actively deploying and looking forward to seizing the market. However, relative to the enthusiasm of LED manuf... More

    2020-07-31 News