• Led light features (2)

    6,.Environmental protection, no harmful substances of mercury. The assembled components of the LED bulbs can be easily disassembled and assembled, and can be recycled by others without recycling from the manufacturer. 7. Light distribution technology expands the LED point light source into a surface... More

    2019-08-30 News
  • LED Features (3)

    9. High-power LED planar cluster package, and integrated design of heat sink and lamp holder. It fully guarantees the heat dissipation requirements and service life of the LED, and fundamentally satisfies the arbitrary design of the structure and shape of the LED lamp, and has the distinctive featur... More

    2019-09-06 News
  • LED Features (4)

    12, no strobe. Pure DC operation eliminates visual fatigue caused by stroboscopic lighting. 13, green and environmental protection. It does not contain any pollution elements such as lead and mercury, and it does not pollute the environment. 14, impact resistance, strong anti-light, no ultraviolet (... More

    2019-09-12 News
  • Characteristics of LED (5)

    16. Wide voltage range, universal LED lamp. 85V-264VAC full voltage range constant current ensures that life and brightness are not affected by voltage fluctuation. 17. Adopting PWM constant current technology, it has high efficiency, low heat and high constant current precision. 18. Reduce line los... More

    2019-09-20 News
  • LED Features (6)

    19, the universal standard lamp holder can directly replace the existing halogen lamp, incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. 20, luminous efficiency rate can be as high as 80lm / w, a variety of LED lights color temperature optional, high color rendering index, good color rendering. Obviously, as ... More

    2019-09-30 News