• LED light source (3)

    4 High-tech: Compared with the light-emitting effect of traditional light sources, LED light source is a low-voltage microelectronic product, which successfully combines computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology and embedded control technology. The size of th... More

    2019-11-15 News
  • What kind of industrial lighting source is used in different places?

    Industrial lighting is generally used in many places. Early industrial lighting was mainly used in the factory environment, but later developed into coal mines, railways, docks and other major fields. The second generation of industrial lighting also ushered in the peak period. It is also the transf... More

    2019-11-23 News
  • Can dual head emergency lights work?

    Emergency lights are one of the commonly used lamps, which are mainly used to provide lighting for people after the power failure in an emergency. Figure 1 is a double-headed emergency light commonly used in the past. As the name suggests, this type of lamp has two lamp heads, a power supply and a c... More

    2019-11-29 News
  • What is the difference between a led flat panel and a led panel light?

    In fact, there is no difference between LED panel lights and LED panel lights. They are two different names, both are the same LED light. Like some companies, it is often called LED panel light, but in other companies, it may be called LED panel light. So no difference! Everyone is used to different... More

    2019-12-06 News
  • LED Panel Light Panel Light (1)

    The biggest advantage of LED is energy saving. The power of ordinary bulbs ranges from 20W-100W, while the power of energy-saving lamps varies from 5W-65W. The bulb uses LED as the light source, and the power only needs 0.8W-12W to replace 15W-100W ordinary bulbs and 5W-50W energy-saving lamps. It c... More

    2019-12-14 News