• Advantages and purchase of LED flat light (2)

    Compared with other lighting, the advantages of LED panel lights are very prominent: ultra-thin, ultra-bright, ultra-energy-saving, ultra-long life, ultra power-saving, worry-free and labor-saving! Green. However, the quality of LED panel lights varies widely, and consumers do not know how to choose... More

    2019-12-20 News
  • LED Panel Light Panel Light Advantages (2)

    2. Short response time General energy-saving lamps will change due to changes in ambient temperature. Their normal operating temperature is between 20 and 40 degrees. In winter (at low temperatures) it takes 5 to 6 minutes to reach a stable brightness. All lamps are more difficult to work normally i... More

    2019-12-28 News
  • LED Panel Light Panel Light Advantages (3)

    3. Convenience Can directly replace the existing Tongxiang E27, E14, GU10 and B22 interface energy-saving lamps and ordinary bulb products, without any changes, without the need for any technical staff or professionals, read our instructions in detail, DIY can easily Realize the change from general ... More

    2020-01-03 News
  • LED Panel Light Panel Light Advantages (4)

    5. Health Because the spectrum of ordinary light bulbs and energy-saving lamps at work contains IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) radiation, it will cause a certain degree of health impact in some applications, such as: 5.1. IR radiation will shorten the preservation time of food (especially meat, ... More

    2020-01-11 News
  • Features of led flat light

    1. LED panel light adopts liquid crystal backlight technology and high-efficiency LED chip. Unique heat dissipation design ensures high LED efficacy, low light decay and long life. 2. The surface is smooth, bright, uniform and luminous, soft and not dazzling. 3. 100 ~ 240VAC input voltage, high powe... More

    2020-01-21 News