• Structural analysis and design of LED flat light (3)

    6. LED light source In general, 3528 is also used by some people to use 5630 and 5050, 5630 and 5050 have low light efficiency and difficult point design, poor versatility, but low cost. 3528 light effect and high versatility dots, generally you can directly buy other light guide plates to use right... More

    2020-03-28 News
  • LED panel light disassembly and maintenance (1)

    LED panel light disassembly method 1. The square flat lamp is disassembled and pushed up directly, it is placed directly on it. 2. The round flat lamp is pulled down strongly when it is disassembled, it is stuck, look at the installation instructions, and the other way around, you should pay attenti... More

    2020-04-03 News
  • Advantages of panel lights

    Light guide plate: The function of the light guide plate is to refract the light parallel to the direction of the light guide plate perpendicular to the flow guide plate, and the light reflected by the light guide plate to the back of the panel light is reflected by the reflective paper. In this pro... More

    2020-04-09 News
  • Features and disadvantages of Led clean lamp

    Features of Led clean lamp (1) Energy saving: The energy consumption of white LED is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp and 1/4 of energy saving lamp. (2) Longevity: The life span can reach more than 100,000 hours, which can be said to be "once and forever" for ordinary home lighting. (3) Can work in hi... More

    2020-04-17 News
  • Extensive use of panel lights in life

    LED panel lights are widely used in indoor lighting, supermarkets, shopping malls, mobile phone stores and other store decoration and energy-saving renovation, is the country's second energy-saving new products. But the LED flat lamp is actually very suitable for installation. Even if we are not pro... More

    2020-04-21 News