LED drive power


As the core component of LED lights, LED power supply i […]

As the core component of LED lights, LED power supply is like the heart of LED. The quality of LED drive power directly determines the quality of LED lamps.
   First of all, in the structural design, the outdoor LED drive power supply must have a strict waterproof function, otherwise, it cannot withstand the harsh external use environment.
  Secondly, the lightning protection function of LED drive power is also very important. It is inevitable to encounter thunderstorm weather when working outside. If the drive power supply has no lightning protection function, it will directly affect the life of the LED lamp and increase the maintenance cost of the lamp.
  Finally, in the selection of raw materials, its reliability must meet its life requirements, and its functional characteristics need to be good enough.
At present, the theoretical life of LED chips is about 100,000 hours. If the life parts of the industry components are to be matched with them, the selection of key components must be verified and managed by perfect DMT and DVT to ensure long life and product reliability requirements, otherwise The life of the power supply is not enough, and the life of the lamp cannot be achieved.
Some are prepared for emergency power outages, especially in hospitals, where emergency power supplies are added to keep the room bright during power outages. Although the probability of power outages is relatively small, the hospital It is a place to save people.