• The development of led lamps

    With the accelerated development of the LED industry, in recent years, traditional lighting companies have begun to shift their development focus to LED, and emerging LED companies are also actively deploying and looking forward to seizing the market. However, relative to the enthusiasm of LED manuf... More

    2020-07-31 News
  • What is the luminous flux of an electronic fluorescent lamp, and how is it different from the original optical transmission?

    The life of an electronic fluorescent lamp is generally longer than that of an incandescent lamp, so the brightness of the final lamp will also decrease. Because of this, electronic fluorescent lamps have the initial luminous flux and average luminous flux, and the average luminous flux is the measu... More

    2016-08-04 Company News
  • New upgrade, Jiawang POS Stadium screen helps European football game

    Those who like football will pay attention to the top five football leagues in Europe, namely the top five leagues in the European football league with influence and competitive level. These leagues represent the world's top football level and attract many players to join. The vane of the developmen... More

    2016-08-04 Company News