The development of led lamps


With the accelerated development of the LED industry, i […]

With the accelerated development of the LED industry, in recent years, traditional lighting companies have begun to shift their development focus to LED, and emerging LED companies are also actively deploying and looking forward to seizing the market. However, relative to the enthusiasm of LED manufacturers, the public has always been concerned about the defects in LED technology.
LED has obvious advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection, but the problem of glare has been a headache for LED manufacturers. How to solve the problem of LED glare and create a comfortable lighting environment for consumers has always been the focus of research and development enterprises. In this context, LED panel lights have obvious advantages.
As a relatively new type of light, LED panel lights have begun to replace common grille lights and are used in high-end hotels, offices, viewing balconies, corridors and other places.
The LED flat light uses LED patches as the lighting source, plus a light guide or diffuser, which can effectively disperse the direct light, making the light soft and not dazzling, and the illumination is uniform and high brightness. Compared with other types of lights, LED panel lights have obvious advantages, and the current application range is also increasing. Take LED table lamps as an example. At present, almost all LED table lamps on the market use LED flat lamps. Because LED table lamps have very high requirements for eye protection, and LED flat lamps can just meet this demand, they are widely used.